Women Waste Time Worrying About Their Skin: Help Them Relax

Wrinkles, Discoloration, Dark circles, Acne, Sagging, and Cellulite. When it comes to our skin, we all spend time thinking about these issues – and trying to find the best solutions. But just how much time women agonize over these “flaws” is surprising. A recent study found that women spend 32 minutes per day worrying about their skin. That’s about 18 months of their lives given over to these concerns.

You can help them achieve the skin they want – and reclaim their time.

How? By recommending products that deliver safe, healthy, and effective results. Many women are frustrated and disenchanted with traditional cleansers and cosmetics that promise to erase the signs of aging, reveal radiant skin, or turn them into a Vogue cover model. They know that these claims are most often unfounded and that they will likely continue to battle pimples, lines, spots, and loss of elasticity.

However, advances in skincare science can help put an end to incessant worry and allow women to – finally – achieve the skin they desire. CHOLLEY combines the latest in technologies, such as IC-RAMP and phyto stem cells, with the cleanest and most effective natural ingredients. From sebo-balancing solutions to antioxidants, you can rest assured that they are not putting toxic agents on their skin.

Whatever the worry, CHOLLEY has a solution. Whether it is BIOCLEAN Sebum-Normalizing and Hydrating Cream to fight acne, CHOLLEY Phytocell Cream with Anti-Aging & Antioxidant Effects to deliver younger-looking skin, or CELLIPEX Anti-Cellulite Emulsion with Intensive Lipolytic and Diuretic Action to banish cellulite, so you can put your worries behind you and enjoy the skin you’re in.

Imagine: that’s 32 minutes a day you’re helping them get back, 18 months in their life that they can spend living. With CHOLLEY, it is possible.

Source: http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/life/710125/women-worry-skin-complexion-appearance-wrinkles-spots-research

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