Why Offer Hydrolipidic Toning Program?

As a dermatologist, deciding which products and services to offer your patients is a major concern – both from a business standpoint and from a health/wellness/aesthetic perspective. For many among your clientele, an important objective is curbing the signs of aging, coupled with the desire for smooth, even, healthy skin that looks as good as it feels. BIOREGENE Hydrolipidic Toning is a patented METHODE CHOLLEY treatment designed to help professionals enhance their service offerings, while aiding clients in achieving their goals.

The skin is, of course, our first layer of protection against the dangers of the outside world – irritants, allergens, pollutants, infections, and more. Acidic perspiration, sebum, and hormones work to maintain the optimal pH value (between 5.5 and 5.9) and to form a protective barrier. This is called the hydrolipidic layer.

Now, while this layer protects us, it is also under attack. From soap. Yes, common, everyday cleaners have a high pH value (between 9 and 11). The alkaline nature of soaps erodes the acidity of the hydrolipidic layer. When this happens, the skin becomes less supple and less able to retain moisture. As a result, it may look older or more “weathered”than it should.

Other factors, such as aging, genetics, and lifestyle can also impact this protective layer. The question is, what are your clients and patients to do in order to combat negative effects? BIOREGENE Hydrolipic Toning Program combine stimulating massage techniques with the industry’s most advanced curative and regenerating products to restore balance to the hydrolipidic layer.

Skin’s health and beauty are inextricably linked; when you help clients care for their skin and restore balance, the natural side effect is that it looks and feels younger, firmer, and more radiant. Trust CHOLLEY as a partner in delivering exceptional care and even better results.

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