Why Moisturizers Are Great for Damaged Skin?

When you have damaged skin there are a number of products that can be used to treat and repair your damaged skin. In this article we like to discuss why moisturizers are a great product for fixing damaged skin.

At first you may not have thought your moisturizer could be a great choice when it comes to repairing your damaged skin. Other products such as serums may have been your first choice due to their alluring and desirable benefits.

Serums are one of those skincare products that offers a multitude of desirable benefits. These desirable benefits offered by serums may range from making your skin extremely soft to not causing hyper pigmentation and scars.

But you must be careful since using skincare routine and products that have a lot of acid and layering them the wrong way can actually be more harmful than beneficial.

Using and applying skincare products that have excess amount of ingredients such as vitamin C, BHAs, AHAs and retinol can damage your skin barrier!

What is the Skin Barrier?

When it comes to knowing how to take care of your skin it is essential that you become more familiar with the composition of your skin. The skin is built from several different layers and the skin barrier is the outlying and outermost layer of the skin.

It has a protective role when it comes to the skin and its job is to keep all the harmful things out and all the beneficial things in the skin. The harmful things that the skin barrier is meant to keep out in general can be referred to as things that irritate your skin. The good things the skin barrier is meant to keep in the skin can be referred to as water and those things that hydrate your skin.

As we have written about in previous articles hydration is key to a healthy skin. So, using products that have excessive amount of ingredients such as vitamin C, BHAs, AHAs and retinol can make the skin barrier dry, irritated and dehydrated which is not what a healthy skin needs.

Stick to Cleansing and Hydrating

The best method when it comes to treating and protecting your skin could actually be the simplest way. It is perhaps better to stay away from products that have excessive ingredients that can damage the skin barrier and exfoliators. The best method is the simple method of cleansing your face and hydrating it using your everyday moisturizer.

Due to the importance of hydration when it comes to the skin barrier products such as moisturizers that help to repair and restore your skin barrier are the best.

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