Why is my skin peeling?

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If you are suffering from skin peeling, you may be wondering why it is happening. To be able to understand why skin peels let’s have a closer look at this process. Peeling skin is best defined by the process of the upper layer of your skin (epidermis ) being damaged and shedding unintentionally. Many who suffer from skin peeling consider it one of the most unconformable skin conditions that they have had.

There could be several reasons why a person’s skin is peeling. These reasons range from damaged caused from things like infection and overexposure to the sun. Other reason that may contribute to skin peeling can be immune system disorder or other health issues.

If we consider our skin and how much it is normally exposed to environmental elements which are harmful, we can understand better why our skin can be peeling. As we mentioned earlier sun damage is one of these elements that can damage our skin. But there are other environmental factors besides the sun such as wind, heat, humidity and dryness that can also have a harmful impact on our skin and make it peel. Allergic reactions are another contributing factor that can cause skin to peel.

As we have mentioned sun damage is one of the most common causes of skin peeling. In addition, those who suffer from dry skin conditions can also suffer from skin peeling. Things like harsh soaps, hot showers and low humidity can cause dry skin which can lead to peeling. These factors strip our skin from its natural moisturizer and can cause damage to the skin barrier.

It has also been reported some acne treatments especially those that contain retinoids can cause skin peeling. If you are having issues with acne and pimples is best to use products that do not contain retinoids.

Another reason that may cause skin peeling can be thermal burns. Thermal burns happen when your skin comes into contact with a hot substance such as hot surface, hot liquid or fire.

When it comes to treating peeling skin, it is best to see what the cause is and then choose a treatment. For example, when your skin is peeling due sun damage is best to leave it alone. Other things that you can do to prevent skin from peeling can be staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying moisturizer.

For example, after having finished showering and having dried your skin it is an ideal time to apply moisturizer to prevent peeling. Applying moisturizer at this moment is ideal to prevent skin from peeling since your skin is still damp. This will help to keep moisture in and prevent your skin from drying which is even more important for those who have dry skin. Dry skin can accelerate and increase skin to peel more so keeping moisturized is important.

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