When to use toner in skincare?

We have addressed in the past the question about what skincare do I need. When it comes to choosing and applying skincare products it is very important to make sure the skincare products are suitable for your skin type. When it comes to applying toners, the opinion is that all skin types can benefit from toners. Applying a gentle and hydrating toner to your daily skincare routine can offer many benefits to your skin.

Toners are great since they can offer gentle cleansing for your skin that is also nourishing at the same time. In addition, toners are great since they do not remove the essential moisture from the skin as they gently cleanse your skin.

There are some misunderstandings when it comes to toners. There are certain views and opinions that toners are harsh and can dry the skin. But this is not true and adding a properly formulated toner to your skincare routine can help hydrate your skin even further. A well formulated toner will have ingredient that are needed to not only hydrate your skin but also support the skin barrier and cleanse away impurities such as oil, dirt and makeup.

Toner what it is?

All skincare products have specific objectives. The specific objectives when it comes to toners are to balance the skin’s pH levels and remove all the impurities still left on the skin after cleansing. These impurities left on the skin include oil, dirt and makeup, therefor a toner is best used after cleansing.

Toners are essentially a water-based skincare product with liquid equilibrium or consistency. When it comes to application of toners they can be applied to skin when the skin is still slightly wet or damp. Toners are the extra step that can be included when building a skincare routine that can improve the appearance of your skin even further.

The misconception about toners

There has been some misunderstanding about toners. In the past due to many toners being alcohol based there were some negative feelings about them. These alcohol-based toners were harsh on the skin and removed some of the essential moisture that is needed for the skin.

But just like many other skincare products toners have greatly improved with time. Today many toners are alcohol-free that offer gentle ingredient that can help with the skin pH balance. The newly improved toners can also benefit the skin barrier since they have ingredients that can help to restore and repair the skin barrier.

When choosing a toner make sure you read the labels on the products carefully. This will help you select toners that do not have irritating ingredients that can dry your skin.

Benefits of toners

When it comes to toners the ingredients that the toners have are fundamental when it comes to their results and benefits. Choose toners that have hydrating ingredients and ingredients that enhance the skin barrier by keeping moisture in and at the same time impurities out. A toner that has the right ingredients and is correctly formulated can help make your complexion appear more fresh and smoother. These toners help add balance to your skin without overdying your skin.

In addition, what is great about toners is that they can come in formulas targeting different skin problems. You can find toners that are made for targeting enlarged pores or for skin that is uneven. But one thing all toners have in common is that they offer a balancing benefits for your skin after it has been cleansed. This balancing benefit offers a great base for your skin in order to apply the rest of your skincare routine.

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