When to use Sunscreen in Skin Care routine?

If you are focused on taking the best care of your skin and are passionate about protecting  your skin for sure you know about the importance of sunscreen! Using all the skincare oils and creams but not using sunscreen and sun protection regularly when exposed to the sun will leave your skin vulnerable to problems. These problems can range to premature aging, wrinkles and a higher increase of skin cancer.

Although sunscreen should be used more often in the summer some dermatologist recommend regular use of sunscreen all year around. The big question you may ask is where does sunscreen fit in your skincare routine.

You may have wondered if you should apply sunscreen before or after applying certain products like moisturizer. Although there is some difference of opinion among many dermatologists and experts in general is believed that sunscreen should be the last and final step in your skincare routine.

The reason for this is that since sunscreen is essentially an oil it must be used last. This is because in general other oils you have applied earlier are still working to penetrate your skin and this is why generally oils should go be the last step in your skin care routine.   But sunscreen although an oil is not trying to penetrate your skin! It is applied and used on your skin to essentially protect your skin and protect it against the sun radiation.

Another important detail that must not be ignored is the amount of time you use sunscreen. In general when you are staying outdoors and exposed to the sun you should apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours to offer your skin optimal protection from the sun.

Let´s now review some of the products from CHOLLEY  one of the leading Switzerland skincare brands which you can use as sun protection in your skin care routine.

CHOLLEY Edelweiss Cream SPF20

CHOLLEY Edelweiss Cream SPF20

CHOLLEY Edelweiss Cream is a both an antioxidant and anti-aging cream that has a SPF of 20. It can be applied to all skin types including normal, mixed and dry skins. It has been clinically tested for a full spectrum of UVA and UVB sun protection and it serves as both a protective and anti-aging cream. It does not have any parabens, and contains a soft delicate perfume and that is a perfect day cream with SPF for sun protection for those who have an active lifestyle.

CHOLLEY Alpine Solar Defense SPF50

Another great product from CHOLLEY to be used as a sun protection is the CHOLLEY Alpine Solar Defense.  It has a SPF of 50 and not only protects your skin against the sun radiations but is also an antioxidant emulsion. Further benefits it offers are prevention of redness and irritations caused by the sun and offering a golden natural tan which improves the texture of your skin! It should be used as a finishing protective screen after your daily skin cleansing routine.

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