When to use Oil in Skincare routine?

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Facial oils are one of the most essential parts of any skincare routine. Since facial oils are full of ingredients such as Vitamin C, fatty acids and antioxidants they are so beneficial. These facial oils with all their healthy ingredients help to protect your skin by penetrating it and they build a barrier to protect your skin further from harmful elements.

But in order to get the most benefits from these facial oils there are some basic guidelines that must be followed. You may have been bombarded by so many contrary messages on social media from influencers as how to about applying oils.

But you really need to stick to logic and listen to experts who recommend always applying skincare products from thinnest to thickest. This is a solid advice and oils are usually one of the thickest products you apply to your skin so they should go towards last.

Another reason oils should be one of the last steps in your skincare routine is due to that the majority of oils replace moisturizers, so they should be the last product you apply to your skin before SPF.

Due to the nature of oils, they are impermeable which means they cannot be easily penetrated. Also, why oils must be applied at the end is due to their nature which makes them sink into your skin.

You can actually combine oils with other skincare products such as serums and moisturizers. You can apply your favourite oils after applying serums. You can also use oils to focus on smaller area of your face that need attention rather than applying them all over.

According to some dermatologist the best time to use oils could be before bedtime. This is based on the idea that as you sleep oils can soak up easier and the following day you can be protected all day.

Applying oils at night is specially much truer for oils that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to light and also for oils that are thicker. Thicker oils may give you a little too much shine for a daytime so applying them at night is a much better decision.

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