When to use face masks in a skincare routine?

The use of face masks is becoming more popular and due to this when to apply a face mask is a questions that is frequently asked. A good face mask not only can help to boost the vitality and health of your skin, but it can also even enhance the effects of your skincare. In this article we will provide more useful information about what face masks are and what they do in addition to when is the best time to use apply them in a skincare routine.

Face masks what exactly are they?

The power and effects of face masks is due to their high concentration of specifically formulated ingredients. These specifically formulated ingredients will address issues related to skin’s health and appearance. Face masks are meant to help produce a varied array of skin improvement goals. Some of the most common goals face masks are meant to address are to hydrate the skin, exfoliate, treat uneven skin tone and texture, help with anti-aging effects, unclog pores and numerous others benefits. Furthermore, face masks are produced for many skin types and needs therefor you can be assured that there is a face mask that can help you whatever your skin type and needs maybe. Due to the numerous benefits face masks offer they are one of the skincare products you may need.

How do face masks work?

The key in how face mask’s function has to do with what is referred to as their occlusive property.  Occlusive property refers to the capability in the ingredients of face masks to create a physical barrier on top of the skin to help keep skin moist and hydrated. Other skincare products such as serums do not have the occlusive capabilities of face masks. This is because products like serums need to be fully absorbed into the skin to be fully effective. Unfortunately, skincare products like serums will never be fully absorbed into skin since they do not have the occlusive property of face masks.

Due to face masks occlusive property, they are capable of creating a barrier over the skin which is why they are called masks. This will allow the active ingredients in face masks to have the needed time to be fully absorbed into the skin.

The ability of face masks to be fully absorbed into the skin has numerous benefits when it comes to skin health such as:

  • Improving the brightness and vitality of the skin
  • Increasing hydration which will continue throughout the day
  • Helping to unclog damaged pores
  • Helping to even skin tone and texture
  • Getting rid of excessive oily skin
  • Help to treat lines and wrinkles
  • Helping to treat acne breakouts
  • Improving the flexibility of the skin

When to apply a face mask?

Now that we have explained what face masks are and provided information on how they work is time to answer our initial question which is when to apply face masks in a skincare routine. The best time to apply face masks in a skincare routine is after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing.

Since similar to skincare products such as serums face masks include concentrated levels of active ingredients that need to be absorbed into the skin for a full impact they need to be applied after cleansing and toning. This is because at this time the skin does not have excessive oil and impurities which makes it easier for face mask to be fully absorbed into the skin. After having applied the face mask you can then apply moisturizer.

In addition, when it comes to how often you should apply face mask it is best to apply them once or twice per week. This really depends on what are your objectives when it comes to using face masks. It is best to read the direction or consult with a dermatologist when in doubt.

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