When to apply sunscreen before makeup?

As we approach the summer, and we head to the beaches and swimming pools to enjoy the beautiful  sunny weather we must not forget the importance of sunscreen. The importance of sunscreen has been mentioned in numerous previous articles we have written but today we will look closer at  applying sunscreen with makeup.

Many women wearing foundation often wonder if they still need to wear  sunscreen although the foundation, they are using has a SPF. The simple answer to this question is yes you still need to apply sunscreen although your foundation may have SPF in it since sunscreen works much better and it is much more effective!

Furthermore, when it comes to sunscreen in foundation even though in cases where the sunscreen in the foundation is strong enough you will not be fully protected since foundations cannot be applied like sunscreen enough to offer good protections.

You should not rely too much on protection from the sun based on the SPF in foundation. It is recommended to apply sunscreen below your foundation since it is a much better base for the foundation.

Beauty and dermatologist also recommend is best to wait a few minutes to apply foundation after having put on sunscreen in order  to allow the sunscreen to be able to set completely. So, essentially for those heading out on a hot sunny day this summer it is best and highly recommended to apply sunscreen as part of your daily skincare routine before heading out.

Some further helpful advice when applying sunscreen and makeup is best to apply sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher to get the ultimate protection. You should apply the sunscreen before applying foundation smoothly until it fades away into your skin. As part of your skincare routine sunscreen must be put on before any foundations , moisturizers, or any other skincare products.

Some people may wonder does the type of the sunscreen they use weather  in the form of liquid, serums and sprays impacts how and when it should be applied in a skincare routine. All these types of sunscreens should be applied underneath your makeup.

We hope we have been able to help you when it comes to using sunscreen and makeup in order to offer the best protection for your skin this summer and beyond.

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