When should you exfoliate your face in your skincare routine?

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Exfoliation has gained much popularity and has become an integral and necessary part of many skincare routines. But the order you integrate exfoliation into your skincare routine is also very important. Many wonder if exfoliation should be integrated before or after you cleanse your face.  In this article we will discuss where should exfoliation be placed into your skincare routine and also other related topics such as frequency it should be done.

We must also mention that integrating exfoliation into your skincare routine has an wide array of benefits ranging from removing oil-dirt build up on your skin, reducing dullness and removal and repair of dead skin cells. The removal of these dead skin cells is an essential part of maintaining your skin healthy since in turn this helps to promote healthy cells from appearing from underneath.

Exfoliation before or after you cleanse

The best time to exfoliate your face is right after it has been cleansed and there are no other products applied to it. The reason for this simply lies in the fact that active ingredients in exfoliation products are best applied at this point since they can penetrate your skin effectively and do their job properly. Right after you have cleansed your face is the perfect time for applying exfoliation products since this is when their hydrating capabilities can be reached most effectively. Furthermore, to answer the question in regard to how frequent you must exfoliate it must be done only once a week.

What to do after exfoliation

After you have done your exfoliations is time to continue with your skincare routine. More specifically after exfoliation is time to use a face mask if you use this product. After having applied face mask, you can continue with your skincare routine and move on the following order by applying serums and moisturizers.

Applying moisturizers after exfoliation is important

If you are including exfoliation as part of your skincare routine it is also highly recommended that a moisturizer should be applied within your skincare routine if not already included. Once you have applied exfoliation in order to smoothen, hydrate and resurface your skin further hydration from a moisturizer should be integrated into your skincare routine. A moisturizer will provide your skin with more necessary essential oils and other ingredients to provide your skin with further required oils and hydration. Applying moisturizer after exfoliation will also effectively prepare your skin for make-up!

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