When and why should you change your skincare routine?

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We have written in the past about the importance of building a skincare routine that is effective and works for you. An effective skincare routine is an essential part of maintaining a heathy skin. Here we like to discuss when and why you should change your skincare routine to further shed light on this topic.

In the past we were exposed and impacted by constant advertising trough traditional marketing mediums such as television, print media to name a few to new skincare products. Now in addition to these traditional mediums we are also impacted by online marketing and social media to more and more new skincare products. This means many of us are more tempted to try new skincare products.

Changing your skincare routine based on the seasons

If you are going to change your skincare routine perhaps the best time is when the seasons and climate changes. The climate has a great impact on our skin, for example in the winter many of us may suffer from dry and flaky skin conditions even though we have oily or combo skin types. Therefor in the winter months it can be better to modify your skincare routine and include products that help to hydrate and moisturize your skin better. Incorporating a lightweight moisturizer in the summer can be a wise move since we may need less hydration in the warm summer months.

In addition, once you have changed your skincare routine you need to have patience and give the new routine some time to work. Many of us want fast and immediate results with skincare products but time is needed to allow the products you have incorporated in your skincare routine to work. Giving skincare products time to work is a very important part of taking care of your skin.

What are the essential Ingredients that must be maintained in a skincare routine ?

When it comes to ingredients and products that we must maintain throughout the year in our skincare routine sunscreen (SPF) and Vitamin C are some of the most important ones. We also have a great article about why  Vitamin C is good for the skin  that we recommend. Your skin needs these ingredients throughout the year since they are fundamental to maintain a healthy skin.

How to Identify products that you must stop using in your skincare routine

When it comes to products that you must discontinue using in your skincare routine you should look for certain signs. If a product gives you rashes, breakouts or any other irritations you must stop using it. Furthermore, when choosing skincare products make sure they are suitable for your skin type.

In conclusion if you are happy and see that your skin routine is working and delivering the desired results there is no need to change it. If you do want to try new products is best to incorporate just one product at a time so you can see the results and if not happy stop using it. This way if a breakout or irritations occurs you can identify the source of the problems easier and remove it from your skincare routine.

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