What Skincare Products should be refrigerated?

Some of us are used to keeping certain beauty and skincare products in the refrigerator. The popularity of keeping skincare products in the refrigerator has increased lately due to more people doing it on social media channels like Instagram. These products can range from nail polish, eye masks and acne cream. You may have actually wondered if there are any real benefits of keeping certain beauty products in the cold?

What you may have not known is that many products are tested for stability before being released to the public. Many companies are required to test to see how their products react to strong UV light and different humidity and temperature levels.

Most skincare products are made in order to be stored at room level temperature. Some brands can advise you to keep their products in a particular condition such as keeping it in cold temperature.

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Some skin experts actually say yes and there are real benefits from keeping certain skincare and beauty products in your refrigerator. Some experts argue that besides feeling a chilled product on your skin when applying there are certain other benefits also.

There is a belief that cold products are better at boosting circulation when applied. There are also the benefits that keeping products in the cold temperature prevents them from getting oxidised since refrigeration slows down the oxidisation process.

While there are certain products that can benefit from being kept in cold temperature there are others that should not be kept in the cold. Products that are composed up of clay should certainly be kept out of the fridge! The cold temperature will make these products very hard, and they will not be usable.

Also, products that are composed of water and oil should also not be kept in cold temperature. This is simply due to the fact that water and oil will separete in cold temperatures. Due to this keeping these products in the cold can damage their texture and will reduce their effectiveness. Also, sunscreen products should also be kept at room temperature. If sunscreen products are kept in cold, they may get hard and can even separate.

So, essentially there may be benefits of keeping certain skincare products in the cold while not for others and that depends on the product!

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