What makes Swiss Skincare and Cosmetic Products Acclaimed?

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The alpine country of Switzerland is famous for many things ranging from chocolate, watches, and the famous Swiss Army Knife. Speaking of chocolate make sure to read our article about acne and chocolate if you are chocolate lover and care about your skin.

Although small this European nation situated in the heart of Europe has been known for years for its numerous breakthrough innovations. These innovations are also present in the skincare products we use regularly. The innovations made in Swiss natural cosmetics and skincare have made a great impact on the whole skincare industry.

Many of the innovations and ingredients that are helping us to treat and maintain our skin healthy and beautiful were developed in Switzerland. For years even before the current trend of popularity for organic and natural ingredients in skincare took over Switzerland had already started work on this. Swiss were pioneers when it comes to thinking about ingredients that are natural and how to develop their sustainable development.

Swiss beauty and skincare products today are manufactured to integrate the latest technology with the best natural ingredients. Switzerland being full of prestigious natural assets has had a big impact on these innovations. Since Switzerland is full of mountains and lakes it has enabled the Swiss to search these resources for those natural ingredients that are beneficial when it comes to helping our skin. Let’s now look at some of those ingredients that you may be using in your skin care routine without knowing they were from Switzerland.


The beautiful white small flower is a fantastic antioxidant which has energetic and dynamic benefits for the skin. Due to it being a great antioxidant it helps to protect the skin from the pollution. Furthermore, if its powerful antioxidant capabilities were not enough the Edelweiss has also shown scientifically to being a great ingredient when it comes to reducing inflammation.

Stem Cell form Green Apple

We are all used to seeing green apples at our local grocery stores so you may ask what is so special about the Swiss green apples. Well, the green apples in Switzerland are very different than those you may find in your local supermarket.

Swiss green apples are different due to their very high acidity. They maintain their high acidity even months after they have been picked from the trees. This acidity enables the apples to keep their freshness and moisture for much longer.

Well guess what, Swiss scientist discovered that these apples could do the same for the skin! Swiss apples can keep the skin moist and fresh due to the high concentration of their acidity. Due to their moisture, they make the skin more vibrant and robust. At the same time, they help to energize the skin in order to enable it to protect the skin’s stem cell. This process makes the skin healthier and helps to eliminate wrinkles and lines.

The Famous Alpine Rose

As you can imagine being an alpine country and famous for skiing Switzerland has plenty of snow in the winters. The ability for the Alpine Rose to survive the harsh snowy and cold Swiss winters attracted the attention of Swiss scientist. These scientists discovered Alpine Rose was able to survive the winters due to its ability to maintain moisture since it had a defensive layer on its leaves.

Swiss scientists were able to put into action and apply the same for the skin. This ingredient enables the skin to be more defensive when it comes to changes in temperatures and provides the skin further moisture. Today you can find Alpine Rose in many moisturizing products.

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