What is the difference between moisturizer and repair cream?

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Many of us who are looking to find a cream to treat our dry skin are at times confused as we search for a solution. At times we wonder if we need a moisturizer to treat our dry skin or is it better to use a skin repair cream. Even though the formulation and composition of skin repair creams and moisturizers are both acceptable when it comes to treating dry skin, each of these creams are meant for different healing goals.

Moisturizer’s objectives are to try and rehydrate the outer layer of the skin while the goal of skin repair creams is to restore the skin barrier. Skin repair creams are effective when it comes to treating issues with dry skin since if they can restore the problems with skin barrier, they can also treat the issues which have caused dry skin.

How do Moisturizers work?

One of the most popular skincare products are moisturizers when it comes to treating dry skin which is caused by deficiencies in the skin barrier. When the outer layer of the skin becomes cracked, and split it is no longer able to maintain and hold on to water and the cells dehydrate. Moisturizers work by laying down a layer of fats and oils also referred to as “lipids” on the surface of the skin. These fats and oils are able to temporary seal those cracks on the skin that allowed water to escape. But moisturizers wear off and once they do those cracks that allowed water to escape can reappear again and that is why moisturizers need to be continuously reapplied.

How do Skin Repair Creams Work?

Skin repair creams are relatively a newer product when compared to moisturizers which have been around for a long time. Skin repair creams also work by applying oils and creams “lipids” on the skin but the essential difference between them and moisturizers is the type of lipids they provide to the skin.

The lipids that moisturizers are composed of are not natural to the skin and when they are applied, they remain on the top layer of the skin until they wear off. In contrast the lipids that skin repair creams are composed of are lipids that are natural or very close to the lipids the skin is made out of itself therefore they can penetrate the skin. The aim of skin repair creams is to penetrate the skin and repair the skin barrier naturally.

Due to being natural and closely related to the lipids of the skin itself they are able to penetrate the skin. By being able to penetrate the skin, repair creams can help to integrate with lipids that the epidermis is producing and form new membranes which generates a water barrier. So, as you can see skin repair creams are able to be a more permanent solution for dry skin since they can penetrate the skin more and integrate naturally with the natural lipids of the skin to treat issues such as dry skin and others.

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