What is the best skincare for sensitive skin?

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You may have heard the term sensitive skin before, but do you know what it means to have sensitive skin. Usually those who have sensitive skin suffer from skin that is likely to suffer from redness, itching or swelling to name a few issues associated with sensitive skin. Due to issues that come with sensitive skin people with sensitive skin need to be more careful as to the type of skincare products they choose.

Sensitive skin what is it really?

We have identified some of the problems with sensitive skin such as redness, itching and swelling but what makes someone’s skin more prone to these problems. In medical terms sensitive skin is a skin type that most dermatologists consider the hardest type of skin to take care of. The problem with sensitive skin stems from the lipid membrane which is the layer that protects the skin from harmful factors. The lipid membrane is less powerful to resolve problems and is much easier for it to become damaged.

The results are that the skin can be much more likely to become injured or harmed by irritants since its defences are lower to counter external factors. Things like alcohol, perfumes and skincare products are more likely to irritate those with sensitive skin. This means when choosing skincare products those with sensitive skin must be more careful in selecting what they select and use.

The best approach to choosing skincare products for sensitive skin

Those who suffer from sensitive skin should consult with their dermatologist before selecting skincare products. This will enable those suffering from sensitive skin to be able to identify products and ingredients they must avoid in order to not suffer from problems that at times can be sever. This will enable those suffering from sensitive skin to know what skincare they need.

In many instances some skincare products are labelled “for sensitive skin” and it is automatically assumed that they are safe. But the best approach is to first apply these products to a tiny part of the skin and see what the skin’s reaction is. If your skin becomes itchy, red and irritated it means they are not suitable for your skin and you should not use them.

How to choose a cleanser for sensitive skin

When it comes to selecting a cleanser for your skin you must pay special attention to make sure it does not have exfoliating products. These exfoliating products remove dead skin cells when applied and massaged into the skin. Also, it is advisable not to use and apply cleansers with chemical exfoliants. Those who suffer from sensitive skin should choose cleansers that are soap, alcohol and fragrance free since they are less likely to irritate the skin.

How to choose a moisturizer for sensitive skin

When it comes to selecting a moisturizer those who suffer from sensitive skin should select those moisturizers suitable for dry skin. The right moisturizer can create a skin barrier if they contain ingredients such as mineral oils and ointments. It is best to avoid using moisturizers that have colorants and perfumes.

How to choose a sunscreen for sensitive skin

We have written numerous articles before about the importance of sunscreen since it is an essential part of any good skincare routine, and it prevents sun damage. Sunscreen products that contain ingredients such as Zinc Oxide are very good for those with sensitive skin, and they are available in most sunscreen products that have a SPF of 30 or higher.

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