What is non-comedogenic sunscreen?

We have written extensively before about the importance of using sunscreen. Using sunscreen is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your skin. Applying sunscreen regularly when outdoors and exposed to the UV rays of the sun has many benefits. Some of these benefits are preventing dark spots from appearing, preventing sun damage, and preventing signs of aging such as wrinkles from appearing.

But thick formulas such as sunscreen can be “comedogenic” meaning they will fill up the pores of your skin and once our pores are congested acne and pimples can develop due to the sunscreen. The term comedogenic can be new to many since it is not used in everyday language. It refers to substances and ingredients that have a high probability of causing your pores to be clogged which can lead to pimples and acne.  But applying sunscreen is still very important in particular if you are also using products to treat acne.

If you are using medications and skincare products to treat your acne problems, you still need to be applying sunscreen regularly. This is due to many treatments for acne causing your skin to become more sensitive to sunburn. Applying the proper type of sunscreen can be very effective since it will protect the skin from sun damage and will not aggravate the acne problem that already exists.

For those who have acne problems and want to apply sunscreen special attention must be paid to the type of sunscreen they decide to use. Choosing the proper sunscreen is not only important for those who are already suffering from acne but also for those who have acne-prone skin and is an essential part of taking care of your skin.

If you are suffering from acne or have acne-prone skin, it is important that you use non-comedogenic sunscreen products. These types of sunscreens are oil free in addition they do not have ingredients that will clog your pores. These types of sunscreens are good since they will not disrupt the sebum outflow on your skin which can lead to development of acne and pimples.

Non-comedogenic sunscreen products are less likely to disrupt the sebum flow on your skin. This mean that your skin will not become irritated due to pores being clogged and pimples and acne will not appear.

By selecting the right type of sunscreen your skin will not be exposed to those types of substances that can irritate your skin. Once the skin becomes irritated you are more likely to develop acne or make the acne problem you already have worst. So, make sure you pay attention when selecting sunscreen and select those that are non-comedogenic!

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