What is firming body lotion?

As we get older our body changes because of aging, and we all wish we had the body we had when we were younger. We have talked about skincare routines in several previous blogs that were more focused on the face. But other parts of our bodies are also affected by aging and a good skincare routine should cover all parts of our bodies. Things like weigh gain and loss, skin effected by pregnancy and the simple fact of aging will cause flops and wrinkles.

Due to these unattractive effects on our bodies many of us begin searching for ways to make our bodies  firmer by applying things like gels, creams and oils. These body firming products are composed of ingredients such as caffeine which are specially designed to make our bodies looking firmer, younger and healthier.

Other reasons that contribute to the loss and decrease of firmness in our bodies has to do with reduction of collagen which happens as we get older. Firming products work by helping our bodies increase the production of collagen which makes our skin tighter and firmer.

The increase of collagen production in something that is also the focus of other skincare treatments and not only those made for body firming. Helping our bodies produce more collagen is one of the essential elements of taking care of our skin especially as we get older!

As we get older it becomes harder for our bodies to produce collagen and at a certain age usually around 50 our bodies essentially stop producing collagen. This lack of collagen production in combination with breaking down of what collagen that remains create the necessity for skincare products that increase the collagen production.

The reason body firming creams and other skincare products focus on the creation of collagen has to do with collagen being fundamental when it comes providing structure for our skin.

As we get older and stop producing  collagen and the remaining collagen starts breaking down and becomes weaker our skin starts to sag. Another less important factor besides collagen  that contributes to sagging skin is weak elastin. Elastin is another piece of our skins  composition which gives it bounce. So essentially body firming products such as creams, lotions and gels help to energize the production of collagen and elastin!

We hope this article has shed light on how body firming products  work and the main reasons out bodies need these creams.

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