What is Dead Skin?

In our previous articles we have highlighted numerous times the importance of maintaining the skin moisturized and hydrated and in this article about dead skin hydration is again an essential element. Dead skin appears due to the skin lacking moisture and hydration. Dead skin can affect and appear on any part of the body, but most people get very concerned when dead skin effects and appears on the face.

Symptoms of Dead skin

There are certain symptoms to look out for when it comes to dead skin. Skin tightness in particular after showering is one of the sign that may indicate dead skin. Another very common sign of dead skin is skin that is peeling and flaky. Dead skin also causes the skin to become red and itchy with appearance of cracks and fine lines on the skin.

Causes of Dead Skin

As we said earlier dead skin appears due to the lack of moisture and hydration. But what are the causes or events that lead to this lack of moisture and hydration on the skin. As with many other skin conditions the environment and lifestyle play an essential role when it comes to the health of our skin.

Weather plays a critical role when it comes to the health of our skin. In particular when it comes to dead skin weather effects how our skin is able to keep and hold on to moisture. That is why for example during the winter months when our skin is not able to hold on to moisture it becomes dry, and you are more likely to see dead skin during the winter months.

Taking hot showers and baths also can cause the appearance of dead skin. Since when we take hot showers and baths our natural skin barrier is damaged, dead skin is more likely to appear. The use of rough and harsh soaps also can be a cause when it comes to the appearance of dead skin. These harsh soaps remove the oil on our skin which in turn provides more suitable conditions for dead skin to appear.

Other causes of dead skin are swimming in pools filled with chorine which irritates the skin and causes it to dry out. This drying out of skin leads to the appearance of dead skin.

Treatments for Dead Skin

When it comes to treatments for dead skin some such as taking fewer hot baths and showers deal directly with the root causes which is excessive baths and showers. By taking less baths and showers and reducing their time the skin barrier is less likely to be damaged which happens when we spend and excessive amount of time in baths and showers.

Another way to treat and get rid of dead skin is to fight the lack of moisture by applying moisturizer to the skin. Applying moisturizer is even more important and essential after washing since washing removes the moisture from the skin and we need to replenish it.

Another great way to treat dead skin is by exfoliating. Exfoliating is a great way to get rid and remove the dead skin form our face. Also make sure when you apply skin care products to your skin you use ones that are gentle for the skin. Certain skin care products can be harsh and cause dead skin to appear.

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