What is BHA in skin care?

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In our previous blog article, we discussed what are AHA’s and in this article we will discuss what are BHA’s. BHA’s which stands for Beta-Hydroxy Acid are organic carboxylic acids that are active on the surface of skin and extending further down to the pores.

They are fat soluble which are acidic and can provide comfort for the skin by soothing and relieving the skin. BHA’s are suitable and ideal for those who have oily and normal skin and suffer from skin conditions such as breakouts, blemishes and pores that are detectable and visible.

The capability of BHA’s to soothe and calm the skin maybe surprising to some due to them being acidic. But they are very effective for different skin types even those with sensitive skin who are likely and liable to suffer from redness and rosacea which is a long-term inflammatory skin condition causing rashes on the neck and cheeks.

Salicylic Acid one of the best BHA’s

Salicylic Acid is one the best and most well known BHA’s. It is known for its supernatural and magical ability due to its capability to provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial relief for the skin. Due to these capabilities, it is extensively used in many skincare products meant to provide solutions for skin imperfections and acne.

You can find salicylic acids used in several skincare products such as creams, facial cleansers and chemical facial peels. Due to BHA’s capability to provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial relief they are one of the most used active ingredients in several skincare products like to ones mentioned.

Furthermore, BHA’s can provide treatment for several other skin conditions such as dry skin and calluses which is a thickened and hardened part of the skin or soft tissues.

The difference between BHA’s & AHA’s

Now that you have become more familiar with BHA’s you may want to know what is the difference between them and AHA’s. They are both commonly used due to their capability to adapt to many different functions and needs of the skin.

AHA’s are water soluble while BHA’s are fat soluble. Due to this BHA’s are much better and ideal for those having issues in the central part of the face such as forehead, nose and chin. BHA’s are capable of penetrating beneath the oil that has clogged the skin and provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory relief. This makes them ideal for removing scars and relieving the skin from redness.

Due to their capability to enhance natural moisturizing AHA’s are usually recommended for sun-damage skin repair and normal and dry skin types. They also have exfoliating capability which helps when it comes to shedding dead skin cells. Furthermore, they help also when it comes to increasing the collagen production which is ideal to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

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