What is AHA skin care

If you use skincare products you surely have seen the term “AHA” uses frequently.  AHA refers to Alpha-Hydroxy Acids which are used in many skincare products. AHAs are acids which are obtained from plants and animals.

You can find AHAs being used in a variety of skincare products such as serums, toners and anti-aging skincare products to mention a few. AHAs are also commonly used in skincare products used for skin exfoliation, products for lighting the skin and reducing the appearance of lines on the skin. So, as you can see AHAs can help when it comes to a number of skin problems and that is why you see them being used in a variety of skincare products.

What are the different types of AHAs?

It is also helpful to know the different kinds of AHAs most commonly used in skincare products. When it comes to AHAs used primary in skincare products the following are the most common ones.

  1. Lactic acid which are derived from lactose or other carbohydrates
  2. Malic acid which are derived from fruits
  3. Tartaric acid which are derived from grapes
  4. Citric acid which are derived from citrus fruits
  5. Glycolic acid which are derived from sugar cane
  6. Hydroxycaproic acid which are derived from royal jelly
  7. Hydroxycaprylic acid which are derived from animals

Although as you can see there are a variety of AHAs the ones most commonly used in skincare products are Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid since they the ones least likely to cause skin irritation.

Why are AHAs such a popular ingredient in skincare products

As we mentioned AHAs offer a variety of benefits when it comes to the health of the skin and that is why they are such popular ingredients. When it comes to products for skin exfoliation is where AHAs are most commonly used. AHAs have a very powerful exfoliating power and in general the more the product contains AHAs the more powerful is the exfoliating power and effects.

In addition to being used primary is exfoliating skincare products AHAs are also used in skincare products used for skin lighting and brightening. Since they are very powerful when it comes to exfoliating and breaking down dead skin cells the new skin revealed underneath is much brighter and shining.

Furthermore, AHAs help to increase the production of collagen. As we have mentioned in previous articles collagen is very important for the health of skin since it helps to maintain our skin smooth. Aging and sun damage enhances the destruction of collagen which results in saggy skin and loosely dropping skin. AHAs have the ability to increase the production of collagen by attacking and demolishing the old collagen fibres to help the creation of new ones.

What’s even more interesting is the ability of AHAs to reduce lines and wrinkles on the uppermost layer and surface of the skin. The ability of AHAs to help with anti-aging is well known when it comes to their effects in diminishing wrinkles and lines on the surface of the skin.

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