What is a good skincare routine for combination skin?

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We have written in the past extensively  about the importance of developing and keeping a skincare routine. As we have highlighted skincare routines must be developed based on the type of skin you have and its specific requirements.

But many who have a combination skin may wonder what they should do and how to develop an effective skincare routine. For those who have a combination skin such as oily and dry one can still develop an effective skincare routine although it is a bit more complicated. When developing a skincare routine for a combination skin things like how much of your skin is dry vs oily are not matters of issue.

Before discussing how to create a skincare routine for a combination skin let’s find out a bit more what combination skin exactly is. According to dermatologist combination skin is found as frequently as other types of skin such as oily or dry skin. Furthermore, your genes do not cause you to have combination skin, but it is more related to things like hormones and effects of season being too hot and humid or too cold and dry. In general, it is observed as we age our skin becomes drier due to changes in our hormones.

Developing a skincare routine for daytime and night-time

When developing a skincare routine for combination skin is best to do so cautiously. It is best to select skincare products that can moisturise and can hydrated the areas that are dry properly. It is also important to note we do not want to overdue things when it comes to our skincare routine. Therefore, choose gentle products to moisturize without making your skin too oily.

For your skincare routine you may want to divide it to the daytime routine and the night-time routines. In the morning it is best to start with cleansers to cleanse the skin and then use toners to remove dirt like oils that the cleanser was not able to remove. After toner you should use a serum to hydrate and protect the skin followed by a moisturizer. After moisturizers apply the all-important sunscreen and finish things with makeup.

Now let’s discuss the steps to build an effective skincare routine for night-time. Start things by using a makeup remover and then clean your face with a cleanser. After you have applied the cleanser use an exfoliant but only once per week. Exfoliants are great when it comes to removing dead skin cells. Another thing you can do once per week is to apply a facial mask. Finally apply the all-important moisturizer to finish things and maintain your skin hydrated.

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