What hormone causes oily skin

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When choosing skincare products knowing the type of skin you have is essential when it comes to selecting the right products. For those suffering from oily skin certain products must be used. Many who have oily skin wonder why their skin is oily and weather it has to do with hormones. For many who have oily skin even after continuous cleansing the oily skin persists.

One of the main reasons for the development of oily skin has to do with changes in hormones. Hormones that are responsible for the creation of oily skin are called androgens. These androgen hormones at times can alter  by energizing and increasing the production of sebum. This process most often happens during puberty, pregnancy, stress, menstruation, menopause and when sick due to illness. All these conditions create a perfect environment for releasing of extra hormones which cause oily skin.

Let’s look closer at how sebaceous glands make the oily substance of sebum during puberty. When someone starts their puberty period their sebaceous glands get bigger and start to make sebum. Sebaceous glands like many other parts of your skin have receivers which are impacted by sex hormones. Androgen is one of the things that effects these sebaceous glands the most which produces things like male sex hormones and testosterones. These sex hormones do not exist only in males but also exist in females and increase the creation of sebum in both males and females.  During the period when there is more androgen which receivers on the skin can attract more sebum is produced which cause more oily skin which eventually leads to acne that needs treatments.

There are several other factors that contribute to oily skin. Genetics is one of those things and oily skin is something that can be inherited. Large sebaceous glands that create excess oil are a hereditary attribute that can be passed down family lines.

You may have not thought about this, but environment is another contributing factor that causes oily skin. Humidity and hot weather are perfect contributing factors which helps to vitalize the secretion of sebum. The stimulation of sebum leads to creation of oily skin. In contrast when you live in a cold and dry environment skin becomes dry due to oil gland being  forced to go to overdrive to help the secretion of sebum.

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