What Gets Rid of Acne Scars?

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For those of us who have had problems with acne we all know the awful depressing feeling they may have. Once you have treated your acne problem and gotten rid of them then comes the scars they leave behind. No matter how successful you are when it comes to getting rid of your acne, scars they leave behind are unfortunately inevitable. These scars can last for months and even years.

So you may have though gotten rid of the acne was it and your problems are over but then came the scars. Finding the best method and treatment to deal with your acne scars can be a frustrating task.

To be able to treat your acne scars properly you must first know what causes them and how they are formed. These acne scars are created when your acne penetrates deeply into your skin and impacts the tissues under your skin. In addition you must know that acne scars come in different types such as rolling-ice pick scars and boxcar.

These acne scars are formed when during the healing process too much collagen is created in specific spots. To be more exact the place where the scar is created is within the dermis where the initial scar was formed and caused inflammation.

To treat the acne scars properly you must follow some essential steps. These steps include treating the scars after having cleared completely the acne itself. Many make the mistake of treating the acne scars before having totally removed the acne itself which is not correct!

Actually preventing acnes and controlling them is fundamental when it comes to treating your scars and trying to prevent acnes from appearing again. Part of this prevention process includes how you take care of your skin. Using products such as cleansers, sunscreen, moisturizers and cleaning your face by removing all the makeup before you go to sleep are steps you must follow.

CHOLLEY offers a number of products that are excellent when it come dealing with acne scars and below we will review some of them.


CHOLLEY Phytobiotech Skin Repair Complex Cream

CHOLLEY PHYTOBIOTECH Skin Repair Complex cream is specifically created to treat acne scars and other issues in post-surgery. It is composed of the top ingredients and offers hydrating and antioxidant action that reduce redness and inflammation. It helps to rebuild and reinforce your skin´s strength and build its natural defences once again.


CHOLLEY Skin Repair Mask

Another excellent product to use to deal with acne scars is the CHOLLEY Post Stress Skin Repair Mask. It is ideal for use to speed up your post acne healing process. It will reduce inflammation and redness and it is an excellent product when it comes to treating acne scars and acne rosacea.

CHOLLEY Before After Acne Scars

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