What Foods Cause Oily Skin?

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Acne and oily skin can cause many people stress due to the difficulty involved treating and getting rid of them. Many who suffer from acne and oily skin have tried numerous remedies and skin care routines and still are not able to tackle the problems. If this has happened to you one of the areas, you can look at when it comes to treating and overcoming problems with oily skin can be your diet. To be more specific you may need to ask the question what foods can cause oily skin which can also cause acne.

The root cause of your acne and oily skin may not have anything to do with your skincare routine or the products you are using but rather has to do with your diet and types of foods you are consuming. We all know that our diet has a huge impact on our heath including the health and beauty of our skin.

It is very common amongst those who have oily skin to suffer from acne and a wrong diet can make such problems worst. The best option is to remove or reduce those foods from your diet that are making your acne and oily skin worst. Now let’s look at some of these foods that can cause oily skin.

Fried Foods

Many of the foods that cause oily skin are also causes of other health issues among them being fried foods. It has been known for many years now that fried and fast foods such as French fries, burgers, pizzas, etc are not good for our overall health. When it comes to our skin this is also true since these foods contain saturated and trans-fats. These types of fats make our skin more prone to inflammation which increases the production of oil in our skin which ultimately causes acne.

Foods High in Sodium (Salty Foods)

When we consume foods that are high is salt our bodies become more dehydrated. Our bodies try to fight back against this dehydration and loss of water by producing more oil. This excessive production of oil due to dehydration impacts our skin as well which appears as excessive oil that appears on our skin.

Read Meat

In recent years the excessive consumption of red meat has been linked to numerous health problems such as high blood pressure, hearth issues and even cancer. Due to some red meat containing saturated fat our bodies are more prone to inflammation after their consumption. As we have mentioned earlier inflammation is linked to oil production which effects our skin.

Refined Carbohydrates

We all love eating things like white bread, white rice and pastas since not only are they tasty, but they are also easy and practical to make. But these foods have an impact on our sebum due to them containing IGF-1 which is a hormone that increases growth. Consuming too much of these foods will increase the development of oily skin due to them containing IGF-1 which impacts our sebum.

Dairy Products

Dairy products have been known for a while as a source of acne and poor skin in general. As with refined carbohydrates dairy products also contain IGF-1 which can make our sebum produce more oil. Furthermore for those who are lactose intolerant the link is even more relevant since their oily skin and acne can be greatly amplified due to their lactose intolerant.

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