What causes dry peeling skin on hands

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We use our hands continually and due to this our hands are exposed to many elements such as sun, water, irritants and allergens. Due to how much our hand are exposed to elements that could be harmful our hands can become damaged and make your skin to peel.

When our hands are exposed to elements that can be harmful, they can become dry which can damage them and make them peel. Dry and damaged hands that start to peel can also be due to skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

When our hands become dry and get damaged treatment in most cases involves use of moisturizers that can hydrate the skin on our hands. Let’s now dig deeper into the main causes why our hands become dry and get damaged.

Washing our hands is a very good habit and it has become even more important due to covid. But over washing our hands and use of harsh soaps with hot water can damage our hands. The best solution to this is using moisturizers if we are washing our hands often.

As with our skin conditions the reason why hand washing can damage our skin is due washing removing barriers on our hands that protects it. Washing our hands can lead to removal of natural oils on our skin that protects them. Once these natural oils are removed which act like a barrier to protect our skin our hand are left exposed and can become dry and damaged.

Also using hand sanitizers that have become very popular due to covid can also lead to damage on the hands. These hand sanitizers in almost all cases have alcohol which again can lead to damage skin on our hands.

Another reason that can lead to dry hands as is with other skin conditions is climate and temperature. You may have noticed that during the winter your hands are drier and more damages than during the hot summer months. The reason for this is the lower humidity present in the winter months than during the warmer periods of the years such as spring and summer. For others during the hot summer months their hands get sweatier which also can lead to dry skin.

The best ways to combat dry and damaged skin due to temperature and climate is using moisturizers after showering and when washing your hands. Also applying moisturizers on your hands before going to sleep is a good idea since it allows the moisturizer to penetrate your skin as you sleep.

As we have mentioned in articles before sunburn is harmful to your skin and can damage your hands also. After the sunburn you have suffered has healed your skin will be damaged and begins to peel. This is due to the peeling causing our skin to shed the damaged skin and new skin layer being created on the top layer.

The best ways to prevent sunburn is applying moisturizers specially after showring which helps to treat the dryness. In addition, keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and take baths and showers with cool water.

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