What are the 4 types of sensitive skin?

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The term sensitive skin is used too often, and, in many instances, it is used incorrectly. Many people who think they have sensitive skin actually do not have sensitive skin. Actually, there are 4 different types of sensitive skin. To be able to correctly build your skincare routine it is essential to know the type of sensitive skin you have.

To know the type for sensitive skin you have will help you avoid skincare products that may irritate and worsen the type of sensitive skin you have. There is one common symptom that all 4 different types of sensitive skin have and that is inflammation. Let’s now discuss the different types of sensitive skin in more details.

Acne prone skin

The sensitive type of skin classified as acne prone skin usually has red bumps which are referred to as papules or pimples. This type of skin also is associated with having clogged pores which are caused by acne bacteria. If you have symptoms of clogged pores, pimples, inflammation, dark spots and acne scars on your skin, your skin is sensitive and prone to acne. You must make sure to avoid using skincare products that may cause or worsen your acne prone skin.

Allergic & easily irritated skin type

Those who suffer from skin that is allergic suffer from this problem due to their skin having a fragile skin barrier that permits substances that can cause irritation into their skin. Things such as sunscreens, fragrances, benzoyl peroxide and products that contain vitamin C may cause irritation and allergic reaction to the skin of these individuals. The best and most practical solution to avoid and treat allergic skin is to avoid products and ingredients that you have allergic reaction to.

Rosacea-Redness prone sensitive skin

Those who suffer from rosacea sensitive skin suffer from this problem due to the blood vessels on the skin losing their capability of shrinking back down after having widened. Due to the blood vessels not being able to shrink back down the skin appears pink or reddish since the blood flow has increased.

Some of those who suffer from rosacea skin type have the problem after certain activities such as exercising, drinking alcohol, suffering from strong emotions or even after consuming spicy foods.

For those who suffer from rosacea skin type it is recommendable that they add anti-inflammatory products and ingredients into their skincare routine. In particular try searching for rosacea cleansers and skincare products such as creams to soften and calm the skin.

Skin that is prone to stinging and burning

Those who suffer from stinging skin type have a skin that is so sensitive that when things like acids, preservative and fragrances comes into contact with their skin they suffer from a stinging feeling. One of the reasons those who suffer from stinging skin have this problem has to do with the sensory receptors of their skin. It has been observed ingredients such as retinoid are likely to aggravate stinging skin or even cause stinging skin for those who did not suffer from it before.

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