What are antioxidants in skincare?

We all have seen in our skincare labels that they contain antioxidants. But you may ask what are exactly these antioxidants that are in your skincare products?

Actually, these antioxidants are ingredients and substances that help protect your skin from harmful elements. Everyday your skin comes into contact with harmful elements such as UV radiation and pollution to mention a few.  These harmful ingredients can damage your skin and the job of these antioxidants is to protect your skin from these damages.

The damage that these harmful elements can do to your skin can range from causing wrinkles to making your skin look older. The antioxidants in your skincare protect your skin from these harmful elements and also offer strong anti-aging benefits. In addition, antioxidants help to protect your skin from producing other harmful elements from within that can further damage your skin.

Using skincare products & brands that contain antioxidants on a regular basis will help to keep your skin free from sunspots, fight signs of aging and reduce skin inflammations. In addition, there are some antioxidants that provide your skin with the very much needed hydration and allow your skin to retain moisture that provides your skin with energy and vitality. Antioxidants present in your skincare are essential ingredients to fight the aging of your skin.

Exposure to a number of elements can damage your skin. Some of these harmful elements are actually produced by our own bodies. Some others are external such as pollution, UV rays, and cigarette smoke to just mention a few.

Once these harmful elements enter your skin and increase pass a certain level, they can cause what is referred to as oxidative stress. Our bodies can fight these harmful elements up to a certain level but once they pass that certain level the ability of our bodies to fight them is reduced.

With skincare products that have antioxidants in them your skin is able to fight these harmful elements better even though they may be at a high level. So, essentially the antioxidants you find in your skincare products help your body fight harmful elements that can damage your skin.

CHOLLEY Phytobiotech Detox Revitalizer

A great product recently launched that contains antioxidants and can help you with your daily skin care routine is CHOLLEY Phytobiotech Detox Revitalizer. It is specially made to protect your skin from pollution and other harmful elements. It is also clinically tested when it comes to reducing oxidation by nearly 50%. In addition, it can protect your skin also from UV radiations. Using this revitalizer detoxifies your skin and provides it with renewed vitality and energy!

CHOLLEY Post Stress Skin Repair Mask

CHOLLEY Skin Repair Mask

Another antioxidant product from CHOLLEY is the Post Stress Skin Repair Mask. It helps to sooth your skin and provides it with the all-important hydration for your face and neck.

It is a great product to be used to relieve redness and irritation caused by the sun and will help the healing process. You can use this mask as an anti-stress mask or even as a protective day cream. It is a great antioxidant skincare product which can be used all year around to protect  your skin from harmful elements such as UV radiation from sun!

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