Unlock the Power of Nature with Phytocosmetics

For hundreds — if not thousands — of years, cosmetics relied purely on the properties of natural herbs and materials to achieve results. These days there are a variety of synthetic products that aim to replicate and enhance the effects of naturally-sourced substances. The use of plant-based cosmetics has never died down. In fact, it’s seeing a resurgence in the form of phytocosmetics, one of the safest and most reliable types of cosmetics.

The Old Becomes New

The advances of modern technology allow us to extract and refine natural products in a way that emphasizes and helps bring out their best qualities for cosmetic care. Phyto cosmetics benefit greatly from the use of modern techniques in cosmetic formulations. Industry leaders are working constantly to develop new ways of extracting the nurturing properties of natural ingredients.

The number of bioactive compounds that have been studied and researched is still relatively small when compared to what’s still left to discover. In the future, phytocosmetics stand to gain much from the advent of better technology and more resources invested in research and development.

The Cutting Edge of Phytocosmetics

One of the latest and greatest developments in phytocosmetics comes from Swiss CHOLLEY, where experts have developed a technology that takes advantage of the power of intracellular signals between dermal layers to unlock the regenerative capacity of the skin by triggering the release of Connective Tissue Growth Factor. CTGF is a natural enzyme that plays key roles in many functions, including cell migration and proliferation, skeletal development and wound repair.

This technology relies on the latest advances in stem-cell technology used to extract plant-derived stem cells. The release of CTGF helps in the growth of cells and has shown great promise in anti-aging and skin lifting effects.

The Future of Cosmetics Is in Nature

The work that CHOLLEY is undertaking to advance the use of natural products in cosmetics will be key to industry growth in the future. The antioxidant effects of plants, such as the Alpine rose, and exploration into their stem cells will be a key driver in the phyto products trends of the future.

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