The Wonder of Nature: Healing Ingredients for Your Skin Care Routine

CHOLLEY is a pioneer in the effort to integrate the most advanced technology and processes with the best natural ingredients. The result: potent, powerful, effective solutions that are, at the same time, gentle, healing, and invigorating. Nature has the answers: we unlock its clues so you can deliver the finest products to your customers.

Science and Nature

Skin cancer is a pervasive problem for millions of people around the globe; it is the most common form of cancer, and it can be deadly. Recently, a team of researchers identified a compound that can kill melanoma skin cancer without attacking healthy cells. Where they discovered the compound is the truly amazing part: in cruciferous vegetables. We always knew broccoli and cauliflower were good for us – turns out we were even more right than we thought!

The researchers synthesized the compound, NISC-6, and found that it destroyed melanoma cells and blocked tumor growth nearly 70% of the time. As study leader Dr. Arun Sharma writes, though, simply eating the veggies isn’t a cure. “There are a lot of recommendations  that, for example, broccoli can reduce your chances of getting cancer. Those are OK recommendations for prevention, but the compounds in the vegetables alone may not be potent enough to be used in a therapeutic environment.”

So Dr. Sharma’s team “tweaked” compounds to improve the efficacy of NISC-6 and hit upon a combination that shows tremendous promise – especially in comparison to toxic chemotherapy and radiation. Best: it may also work on other forms of cancer.

Despite the promise of this discovery, prevention is still the best route. CHOLLEY Alpine Solar Defense SPF 50 offers a high concentration of UVA and UVB filters in a light, wearable emulsion. It contains Alpine Artimisia, a plant which grows high in the Alps. It is prized for its anti-aging and antioxidant effects.

When science and nature work together, the results are nothing short of astonishing.

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