The key to smooth, flawless skin. Dermatologists suggest CHOLLEY Hyaluron Ampoules

Spotlight on Hyaluronic Acid

You may have heard a lot about hyaluronic acid recently. Many dermatologists are suggesting it holds the key to smooth, flawless skin that remains well hydrated. Understanding how it works, though, may be the key to recommending it to your clients.

A Natural Substance

Hyaluronic acid actually appears naturally within the skin cells. They produce it to help maintain their own moisture levels. It works a bit like a magnet, sucking up all of the moisture it can find which helps your cells create the appearance of hydration.

A single gram of hyaluronic acid can hold six litres of water. Research suggests it goes much further than the ability to retain moisture, though.

Hyaluronic acid has also been shown to have antioxidant properties, which can help shield the skin against free radicals in the outside environment. The problem, though, is that aging and environmental factors often strip the skin cells of hyaluronic acid, which creates a number of problems including sensitivity, dullness, fine lines, uneven skin tone, and even skin texture issues. When it’s reapplied in a topical formula, though, it can help to hydrate the skin.


CHOLLEY Hyaluron Ampoules deliver the right formula when your clients need a solid dose of hyaluronic acid. A hydrating and anti-aging concentrate; inside you’ll find hyaluronic acid along with phyto extracts, amino acids, and vitamins for intense regeneration and skin firming power. It is one of the strongest firming and anti-aging products available today.

We’ve also included Horse-tail extract for an astringent action to help lead to smoother skin as well as salicylic acid for a soothing action. Additionally, it’s packed with anti-oxidants like vitamins B3, B6, and B2. It can be applied morning and evening after cleansing at home to keep the skin hydrated, firm, soft, and elastic. It’s the ideal way for your clients to regenerate your skin.

Help your clients understand the benefits of hyaluronic acid, then offer them CHOLLEY Hyaluron Ampoules to help.

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