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Few things are as frustrating for your adult clients as acne. Often seen as a curse to teens, adults are far from immune to acne problems, but they often can’t turn to the  solutions they utilised as teenagers. They’re typically wholly useless as you begin to hit your thirties and forties. There are better options for your clients, though – BIOCLEAN Acne and Impurity Solutions.

Why Adults Experience Acne

There are a number of reasons adults continue to experience acne. Women tend to see it more than men do, and while it’s more prominent during their thirties, some women will see it as late as age fifty. Medically speaking, it’s called adult-onset acne, and fluctuating hormone levels, stress, and certain medications can cause it.

CHOLLEY Offers The Best Acne Products

Our complete BIOCLEAN Program can address adult-onset acne. We offer purifying treatments that don’t include the aggressive chemicals so many over-the-counter remedies rely on. Our goal is to normalise sebum production. Our line includes drying agents for current pimples or other impurities that are blocking the follicles. We also offer products that contain emollients to help restore the skin’s natural balance.


Inside each of the seven BIOCLEAN options are the ideal agents to help deal with sebum overproduction and soothe irritation and redness.

If your clients are looking for acne fighting products to help deal with adult-onset acne issues, take a look at just how powerful BIOCLEAN Program can be.

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