The Apple: A Study in Anti-Wrinkle Technology

Finding a more powerful anti-wrinkle treatment has been a hope for many dealing with the effects of aging. Few would think to look to fruit as a resource in this fight, but it’s in the world of produce that one of the best advancements in anti-wrinkle technology begins.

The Uttwiler Spätlauber is a rare variety of apple. It grows only in Switzerland. It was developed in the middle of the 18th century because it could be stored for months at a time without shriveling, a must for any produce developed before modern harvesting and refrigeration techniques. Unfortunately, the taste suffered. It’s quite bitter, both right off the tree and stored, but despite that bitter taste, it ages very slowly. It can remain in storage for up to four months. This longevity means something to today’s Anti-Aging Technology – an opportunity to work with the stem cells of the apple variety to prevent wrinkles and restore the skin’s youth.


Thanks to extensive study of the Uttwiler Spätlauber, CHOLLEY discovered a way to boost the vitality of epidermal stem cells and prevent that slackening that is so common as you age. CHOLLEY Phytocell Booster uses the anti-wrinkle power of that apple to reduce the depth and size of wrinkles. It means a fresher lifted appearance very quickly. The plants’ stem cells can help to protect the skin’s own stem cells and increase their vitality. It’s a way to turn back the clock when it comes to the signs of aging.

Other ingredients play a role in this process as well. Hyaluronic acid is included, and known to keep the skin well hydrated, a must if you’re going to fight wrinkles. Other active ingredients include Cyclodextrin, Oligopeptide-5.

CHOLLEY Phytocell Booster has to be applied morning and evening after cleansing. With just a few drops and a light tapping motion, it can be applied to those areas that are susceptible to loss of elasticity. The spaces where it is best applied include the eye contour and lip regions.

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