Swiss Laboratories

CHOLLEY has proprietary manufacturing Laboratories in Tessin, Switzerland, that conduct an independent research and development with very exclusive formulations.

Our research and development team creates formulations exclusively for CHOLLEY. We decline any third-party work in order to concentrate our best efforts on making the CHOLLEY one of the best Swiss skin care product manufacturers.

Why are CHOLLEY products so special and unique? Because more than the 90% of cosmetic products in the market are produced by third-party laboratories. Many companies don’t have their own laboratory. Consequently all formulations are exactly the same for many creams or serums. The difference is made only by the packaging, or by the company name, or by the brand shown on bottles or pots.


CHOLLEY SA Laboratories  were originally named Laboratoire Dr. Masset de Vallefort.

Dr. Jules Luis Masset was born in 1915 in Switzerland. He studied pharmacology at the University of Geneva, where he received his doctorate in 1944. Dr. Masset devoted his professional career to building a great wealth of knowledge about vitamins and plants and their therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. He developed and refined extraction techniques his own Swiss laboratories to better preserve active ingredients and improve the yields of medicinal plants.

In 1972, Dr. Masset founded his own laboratory to concentrate on research in the field of phyto-biocosmetics.

The Laboratoire Dr. Masset  was acquired by CHOLLEY SA in 1990. Its mission then became to produce top-quality professional cosmetics exclusively for CHOLLEY.