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Since 1972, CHOLLEY SA produces “100% phytobiological products” using the most innovative technologies in the Swiss cosmetics industry.

Phyto stem cells  represent the highest technology in the cosmetics industry in Switzerland. CHOLLEY Laboratories are considered one of the pioneers in using this technology in the creation of a new concept of phyto-biocosmetics.

As a result of years of research on stem cell technology, CHOLLEY launched CHOLLEY Phytocell® Products, the most advanced and results-oriented cosmetics based on extract of Swiss phyto stem cells  and on our exclusive IC-RAMP® Technology.



Phytocosmetics is a branch of cosmetology that focuses on the therapeutic use of plants in cosmetics. Phytocosmetics traces its roots to popular medicine and traditional herbal remedies throughout the world. Modern phytocosmetics benefits from a huge supply of plant extracts and their demonstrated benefits from all continents. While the benefits of many plants have been for centuries in Europe and Asia, new spices for Americas and Oceania have greatly enriched our register in recent times. They enable us to deliver an infinite range of therapeutics benefits and interesting combinations. A big advantage of plant extracts is that because of their long history of use they are generally considered safe by consumers and regulatory bodies such as EU and FDA.


Biotechnology is a field of biology that uses living systems and organisms to develop ingredients and products for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry. Thanks to biotechnology the need the for ingredients derived from animal sources is greatly diminished. Today hyaluronic acid is produced through fermentation by microorganism, instead of the traditional extraction from rooster combs. Biotechnology delivers top quality ingredients with the highest standards of safety and purity. Many of the advances in cosmetics such as stem cell extracts peptide technologies are among the many fruits of biotechnology.

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology focuses on the molecular basis of biological activity in and between cells. It studies the molecular processes in which DNA is involved in production of the proteins, such as collagen and elastin in living organisms. Molecular Biology plays an important role in the development of CHOLLEY products, especially for anti-aging and skin repair treatments.

Molecular Chemistry

Molecular Chemistry focuses on the development of new methodologies for the synthesis of natural products. It is a scientific field of special importance due to growing concerns about sustainable use of natural. Its applications include production of peptides that are widely used in our anti-aging products. Another application is the synthesis of very efficient isomers of a compound such as Alpha-Arbutin that is 10 times more efficient than standard arbutin in skin whitening treatments.

Rheology & Sensory Analysis

Rheology is the science of flow of material, which is fundamental in development of quality cosmetics. The feel, touch, and sensorial satisfaction of a product is essential for consumer satisfaction. Product’s ease of application, its immediate feel, and its wear comfort are major considerations that can determine the success or failure of a product. CHOLLEY invests heavily in this area to ensure that our products are enthusiastically used by our clients over a long period

CHOLLEY Anti-Aging

Aging is the result of the interaction of a regenerative cycle and degenerative cycle that mirror our metabolism as we get older.

The Regenerative (or anabolic) Cycle is driven by stem cells, whose proliferation and secretions generate of new tissue and its support structure (e.g. collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid).

The Degenerative (or catabolic) Cycle, on the other hand, causes shrinkage and atrophy of the tissue and tissue and its support structure. This cycle is driven by four primary factors that are Oxidation, Glycation, Stress, and Inflammation.

CHOLLEY Anti-Aging Strategy is based on the fundamental concept that to fight the Aging process we have to:

  1. Boost the Regenerative Cycle as effectively as possible
  2. Slow the Degenerative Cycle as efficiently as possible

The best results are achieved only with a balanced approach, working effectively on both cycles through regeneration and detoxification.

IC-RAMP® Technology  

IC-RAMP® stands for Intercellular Resonance and Amplification. Skin cells are in constant communication with one another. For instance, when the skin is cut, cells from all layers (epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis) get involved to prevent infection and close the wound. We have learned that the same type of communication is involved in regenerative processes.

IC-RAMP® uses skin’s natural healing process via intercellular communications. It is based on advanced Swiss biotechnology, using specific phyto stem cell extracts that trigger release of Growth Factors by epidermal cells. These growth factors reach deep into the skin to stimulate production of new collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid that constitute the fundamental support structure of the skin, known as the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM).


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