Swiss Beauty Cream – A Marketing Ploy?

Clear, beautiful skin. It’s been associated with the beauty products manufactured by Swiss cosmetics companies for years, and it’s one of the many reasons a label like “Swiss Beauty Cream,” will propel almost any product toward success. What’s behind this tradition, though, and is it just another beauty myth?

The History of Swiss Beauty Products

For centuries, the Swiss have been dedicated to a higher quality of life, and it’s evident almost everywhere you turn. From Swiss chocolate to Swiss watches to nearly every other product for which this country has become famous, the Swiss believe in something better, and as a nation, they continually work to do that. Nowhere is this more evident than in the beauty market. At the crossroads of great European skincare traditions already established in France, Italy, and Germany, the tradition of high-quality Swiss Beauty Products is a long one. Ingredients like Alpine Rose, Edelweiss, and Green Apple stem cells have helped establish a reputation for these products, and as a more global marketplace is increasingly available, women across the world have begun to turn to beauty products made in the country or with these ingredients, and with good reason. Building on the traditions so many others have established, Swiss companies or those that use pure Swiss ingredients offer something amazing few others can match.

Are Swiss Beauty Products Worth the Hype?

Just because you see something labeled Swiss beauty cream certainly doesn’t mean you should buy it. While many things call themselves “Swiss,” not every beauty product on the market today can live up to that moniker. If you do establish that a brand offers real Swiss beauty products, though, should you consider it? In a word – absolutely! Switzerland is rich in natural resources, and the science behind their beauty products is incredibly solid. This country is on the cutting edge of research and development for skin care today, and that means you’re getting the best technology on the market. Turning to some of the ingredients that are abundant there is a great way to enhance your own skincare routine. Wondering why? Switzerland is host to some of the world’s best natural resources. Thanks to a clean, unspoiled environment, there are amazing options within this country that cannot be found in any other location. One great example? The water. Only naturally filtered water coming down from the Swiss Alps is used in real Swiss beauty products. It goes further than a commitment to the cleanest water on the planet, though. They also incorporate a number of ingredients that can only be found in this region of the world. For example, many Swiss products incorporate Alpine Rose. Long ago, scientists noticed this beautiful plant could flourish in the mountains even through the icy, long winter. With a protective layer on the leaves, the plant made it through tough conditions, and scientists found a way to take Alpine Rose and use its naturally protective barrier to enhance your skin care routine to help build your own skin’s barrier. That can ensure that no matter what you face on a day to day basis like climate changes, pollution, and more, your skin will remain protected. Moreover, it helps to moisturise your skin while it’s at work, offering you a hidden benefit.

This is just one example of why Swiss beauty products really are worth the press they get on a regular basis. The companies that use these ingredients rely on natural ingredients with the highest degree of purity, and that can spell great things for skincare in a world where even the air around us often isn’t as pure as we’d like it to be.

Continued Market Domination

Swiss skin care will continue to dominate the market, and one brand at the forefront of this industry-leading change is CHOLLEY. The company initially made its market debut in 1972 in phytocosmetics thanks to the work of Dr. Masset de Vallefort, and based on that research, CHOLLEY’s professional-level cosmetics began making a real impact on the market in the early 1990s. Today, they offer some of the latest innovations to the market, disrupting the way so many have wrongly thought about skincare for years. At the forefront of Swiss beauty cream and other phytocosmetics today, the company delivers unsurpassed results to millions of women looking for the reality behind the hype that surrounds Swiss skin care today. As the research at the company continues, so too do the product debuts that leave many women raving about the possibilities embedded in Swiss skin care options when they’re done well with a company like CHOLLEY.

The idea of Swiss skin care offering more to women isn’t going anywhere in the near future, and there’s a solid reason for that. It really is better than you’ll find in other countries around the world, and with companies like CHOLLEY continually pushing the envelope and developing better products, it’s not hard to see why.

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