Stop Aging in Its Tracks with Anti Glycation Balm

Skin ageing is a problem that many people have to deal with, a problem that perhaps receives the most attention in the cosmetic industry. The effects of ageing are caused by three broad degenerative processes: inflammation, oxidation, and glycation.

The hindmost of these, Glycation, is one of the most difficult to manage. But our Swiss cosmetics firm, has developed an extremely effective Anti-Glycation Firming Balm to help fight all the three processes listed. It combines a proprietary formulation of Phyto Biotechnology to firm and smoothen the skin. Additionally, it provides detoxifying effects and forms a hydrating film that protects it from pollution.

The product is dermatologically and clinically tested and free of any allergens or colourants.

Glycation, One of the Roots of Aging

Glycation is a naturally-occurring reaction in our body that happens when blood sugar attaches to proteins. The process is necessary, but it produces a series of compounds called advanced glycation end-products. When these compounds build up in the skin it affects the dermal proteins causing them to lose their elasticity.

The effects of glycation are most starkly noticeable as wrinkles and sagging skin from the loss of elasticity in the protein fibres. But glycation end-products are also a problem for intracellular proteins as they disrupt cellular metabolic function. When this happens in skin cells, it can lead to yellowing of the skin and the development of age spots.

The Big Glycation Problem


We don’t have a process in the body that reverses the effects of glycation as glycated proteins are highly susceptible to oxidation. That’s what makes it such a big problem, and why it’s important in the fight against ageing. These proteins, called free radicals, are very damaging to the skin.

However, new developments in cosmetology and the discovery of a de-glycating molecule hold great promise for reversing this process. This molecule, Arginine PCA, is optimized in CHOLLEY’s Phytobiotech Satin Balm and combined with a series of powerful detoxifying and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The results: a powerful product that fights glycation and delivers firmer and healthier-looking skin.

Advanced Anti-Glycation Skin Care Products| CHOLLEY

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