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As more people use skin whitening products more users of these products are asking questions about them. One of the most frequent questions users of skin whitening products ask is which skin whitening products actually work. To be able to answer this question we must investigate what these products do and how they work.

Skin whitening products are called by various names such as skin lightening creams, clearing creams and bleaching creams. The way they work is that they focus on lowering the pigments on the skin called melanin responsible for the colour of the skin.

Skin whitening products are used to treat a variety of problems such as acne scars, age spots, skin with discoloration such as liver spots and for those who wish to naturally make their skin lighter.

Furthermore unfortunately, due to numerous reasons such as pollution, dirt, dust, and UV rays from the sun our skin is damaged. Due to these factors dark spots can appear in the skin. Skin whitening products are also commonly used to treat dark spots brought on by these conditions.

How Does Skin Regeneration Work?

We should define more precisely what skin generation is and how it works. To be more precise and exact let’s define skin regeneration as the total replacement of damaged skin tissues with new ones. Essentially, we can say our skin is healed once skin has been regenerated.

Skin regeneration can happen by restoring or putting back those tissues that are broken or by rebuilding those tissues that have been destroyed or removed.

What is Melanin?

Since we are discussing how skin lightening creams work and their essential function is to reduce the quantity of melanin in the skin is better to know what melanin is. Originating from amino acid tyrosine melanin is a complex polymer which provides pigmentation to the skin. In addition, melanin is also responsible when it comes to giving the eyes and hair their colour.

Melanin also plays an essential part when it comes to protecting the skin from sun damage. Melanin is also responsible for absorbing those dangerous and damaging UV rays produced by the sun when it comes to protecting your cells from sun damage.

Everybody has a certain number of what is called melanocytes. When the number of these melanocytes which produce melanin is low, they cause the skin, eyes, and hair to be lighter and when they are high the lead to darker skin, hair, and eyes.

The Way Skin Whitening and Lightening Products Work

As we have written in previous products about skin care products their composition and ingredients are essential in how they work. The same is true when it comes to skin lightening products which focus on using ingredients that focus on lowering the quantity of melanin in the skin.

So, the ingredients in skin whitening and lightening creams such as alpha-arbutin, vitamin C, hydroquinone main function are to be effective when they come to lowering the melanocytes in the skin which produce melanin.

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