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We all have had problems with acne and pimples at one time of our life. Many of us have problems with acne during our youth although some may suffer acne problems at any age. Even after you have cleared away acnes and pimples their scars may remain.  This is especially true if the acne problem was extensive and in these cases they will leave large scars usually.

Scars left on your skin after acne are actually marks caused by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or post-inflammatory erythema. How long these scars last can vary between several months to years and the type of skin repair cream corrector you use.

These scars left on your skin after acne are usually red and indented scars. As mentioned earlier what we refer to scars are actually post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation left after acne and pimples go away.

These post-acne breakout problems which may appear as pink or red are technically called post-inflammatory erythema. Although in most cases the acne scaring is not severe there are cases when severe inflammation occurs. These sever cases happens since inflammation has destroyed collagen in deeper layers of your skin.

Actually what happens with these more severe case of scars is due to your skin over producing collagen to replace the collagen destroyed which result in severe acne scars.  These sever scars created after acne are technically referred to as hypertrophic scars.

There are several methods used to remove these scars. They vary between using professional treatments, laser or microneedling to using products such as creams.

CHOLLEY Phytobiotech Anti-Aging Repair Cream

CHOLLEY PHYTOBIOTECH Skin Repair Complex is an excellent cream to use to remove acne scars. It is specifically created for post-surgery and post- acne scars issues. It helps to reduce swelling and redness which may occur post-acne. It further helps to nourish your skins strength and built up its defence.

Having ingredients such as Azelamide MEA is an important part of this cream´s success to fight acne scars, since Azelamide MEA is a powerful ingredient when it comes to treating acne scars.

CHOLLEY Phytobiotech Skin Repair Complex Cream

To further treat post –acne scars this cream helps to make your skin softer and offers hydrating and protective actions which are very beneficial.  It is best used applied two times a day after morning and evening when you have washed your face.

CHOLLEY Before After Acne Scars

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