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According to various studies up to 90% of women have cellulite. Other studies have shown that this number is higher and up to 98% of women suffer from cellulite. So if you are suffering from cellulite you are not alone and it is very normal to have them. Despite all the precautions you may take to try to avoid suffering from cellulite you may still get them.

Many have the misconception that suffering from cellulite has to do with what they eat and their diet or their lifestyle. Although this can be true sometimes in general they are not the causes why cellulite appears on your body. Cellulite becomes more visible when you lose weight or your skin is sagging. Even those who have perfect bodies suffer from cellulites.

Cellulite which is essentially dimpling of your skin is formed when pockets of fat push through your connective tissues.  Their formations are based on diverse reasons that range from poor blood circulation, female hormones to genetics. As we age our skin´s elasticity and collagen weakens and fat can also begin to extend. This is particularly the reason why cellulite becomes more noticeable with age.

Further reason why cellulite happens to more women than men is due to presence of estrogen hormones is women.  These estrogen hormones create fat and that is precisely why you see cellulite appearing in areas where you have more far reserves like stomach, hips, butt and thighs.

Many of the anti- cellulite products available treat cellulite by creating a tighter and firmer look. We will now look at some of the anti-cellulite creams produced by CHOLLEY,  one of the top Swiss skincare brands.

CELLIPEX Anti-Cellulite Emulsion


The CELLIPEX Anti-Cellulite Emulsion is the most comprehensive and effective cellulite fluid produced by CHOLLEY. It is very effective when it comes to treating cellulite since it is composed of ingredients such as “lipolytic” which reduces fat and “diuretic” which reduces water. Not only does it help to fight cellulite it also leaves your skin smooth and hydrated!

CELLIPEX Slimming Extracts with Marine Algae and Caffeine

Another great product from CHOLLEY when it comes to treating cellulite is the CELLIPEX Slimming Extracts with Marine Algae and Caffeine. Essentially they are a powder mixture of marine algae and phytobiological extracts. Their combination of 3 different types of caffeine and algae is very effective to improve the metabolism of fat. It also helps to improve the breakdown of fat and reduces water retention.

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