Show Off a Youthful Body with CHOLLEY Swiss Skin Care

Nobody likes being seen with stretch marks and wrinkles. They can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious in other people’s company, lowering your self-esteem and ruining the moment. But let’s put the aesthetics aside for a second.

Having these imperfections too early in your life can mean a couple of things. First, you’re not taking good care of your health. And second, your skin has lost its elasticity and could become completely dry.

With the CHOLLEY BIOLASTON, a product that has revolutionized Swiss professional cosmetics, you can restore your skin’s beauty and show off a youthful body once again.


Our BIOLASTON series contains proprietary firming and anti-stretch-mark products that have the power to improve the overall quality of your skin. You can apply the product – for example, the lifting gel, the bio oil, and more – on your legs, thighs, upper arms, hip area, and more.

Once your skin absorbs the BIOLASTON formula, its effect will begin immediately. It’s designed to nourish, tone, and moisturize your skin, effectively reducing stretch marks and preventing them from showing up. Besides that, BIOLASTON has anti-aging features.

After a few uses of BIOLASTON, the formula will restore your skin’s elasticity and make it glow like before.

With that in mind, if you want to look youthful once again and bring your skin to its full potential, the CHOLLEY BIOLASTON range of products is perfect for you.

Erase Stretch Marks| CHOLLEY

The Full BIOLASTON Series

From aromatic oils to creams, there’s a BIOLASTON product for every situation. The CHOLLEY BIOLASTON range consists of the following:

  • BIOLASTON Lifting Gel with Firming and Toning Action (200 ml)
  • BIOLASTON Anti-Aging and Moisturizing Emulsion (200 ml)
  • BIOLASTON Bio Oil for Stretch Marks (150 ml)
  • BIOLASTON Super Natural Peeling for Body (150 ml)
  • SINUSTON Breast Enhancement Cream (50 ml)

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