Sebum: What Is It – and Why Should You Care?

The key to life? Balance! It’s true of everything from food to sleep to exercise to work – to your skin. When it comes to achieving beautiful, healthy skin, balancing your sebum production can be the trick.

What is sebum? You have sebaceous glands all over your body (except on the palms and soles of the feet). The highest concentrations are in the chin, forehead, and back – there may be 2600 to 5800 per square inch in these areas! These minute glands secrete sebum, a waxy oil-like substance that lubricates the skin.

Now, when your skin produces the right amount, sebum serves to protect your skin. But if you produce too little, your skin may look and feel dry and cracked. If you produce too much, your skin will be oily and prone to acne. Your skin is starting to remind you of Goldilocks, isn’t it? If so, how do you ensure your sebum levels are “ahhh…just right”?

BIOCLEAN’s line of Sebo-Balance solutions are specifically designed to aid in the correction of sebum over-production. Our BIOCLEAN Sebo-Balance Milk for Mixed and Oily Skins, for example, does not stimulate sebaceous glands, which would result in the secretion of more sebum. Instead, it works to remove impurities and oil, eliminate excess sebum, and normalize the skin.

If your skin is particularly prone to acne and blackheads, take it a step further with BIOCLEAN “S” Ampoules. This highly concentrated sebo-balance solution fights pimples, blackheads, and comedones (clogged hair follicles) by bringing bacteria levels under control and correcting sebum imbalances.

Because of the vast number of sebaceous glands on the chin and forehead, moderating sebum production is critical for a clear, healthy-looking, and terrific-feeling appearance. Balance truly is the key.

And, now, balance comes in a bottle.

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