Lugano Hangzhou Online Talk – 8th of July 2021 SAVE THE DATE

2020 has been particularly difficult for international tourism due to the pandemic travel restrictions, but experts say there is reason to hope for the industry returning to normal gradually while the world is making progress with the help of the roll-out of vaccines.

According to the 2021 Chinese tourism market survey by McKinsey&Company, three key preparations are essential to recovery and lay the foundation for long-term success in sustainable tourism industry: digital transformation, agile response to the pandemic, and decisive grasp of new opportunities.

Therefore, in order to rebuild the Lugano’s resilient international tourism, the City of Lugano and her Chinese sister city of Hangzhou have planned an online event  “Lugano Hangzhou Online Talk” on Thursday 8th of July @ 10:00 am, a round table where CHOLLEY has been invited as Swiss Ambassador of Life Science Industry & Medical Cosmetics for Healthcare & Anti-Aging tourism in Switzerland.

Speakers – Thursday 8th of July @ 10:00 am

  • Marco Borradori, Mayor, City of Lugano
  • Daniela Bagaian, Marketing Director, Lugano Region (Lugano Destination)
  • Tosca Codiroli, Events and conventions Division, City of Lugano
  • Rick Paydar, Technical Director, CHOLLEY SA (Healthcare & Anti-aging tourism)
  • Roberto Rota, Director, Gübelin Lugano (Luxury toursim)
  • Alessandra Gianella, Founder, SinoCom (Cultural tourism)

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