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People who suffer from problems such as hyperpigmentation caused by Melasma and birthmarks are in search of safe skin lightening creams to treat them. The safest creams for skin lightening are those which are made of natural ingredients. CHOLLEY Skin lightening products are made of the safest and natural ingredients.

Essentially skin lightening or whitening creams focus on decreasing the melanin in your skin. Melanin which causes Melasma is the pigment which defines your skin colour.

Some people visit doctors and are prescribed creams by doctors and others use creams available without the need of a prescription. You should look carefully and read the ingredients that make up the creams which you decide to use.

Harmful Ingredients to Avoid

As you search for the safest skin lightening products you should learn about some ingredients that are very common in these products but may not be safe.

One of these ingredients which is considered harmful is Hydroquinone and was very common until recently in skin lightening creams. Hydroquinone works by decreasing the melanocytes in your skin. Melanocytes produce Melanin which as we mentioned before is how Melasma is created which produces hyperpigmentation in your skin.

Although until recently Hydroquinone was considered a safe ingredient further research has shown it is not safe. Hydroquinone may have many harmful side-effects ranging from making your skin dry, red, and itchy. In some cases in particular those of African background Hydroquinone can have more serious harmful effects such as causing skin disorder by leaving blue and black spots on your skin.

Due to the recent research and cases which have shown the harmful effects of Hydroquinone the EU (European Community) has banned the use of this ingredients in skin lightening creams which can available without a prescription. The only cases where creams can be bought which have Hydroquinone are when you have a prescription from a doctor.

Using Skin Lightening Creams Correctly

Once you have chosen the safe skin lightening cream you must also make sure that it is used correctly. If you are using a product which is available without prescription you must follow the instruction of the product.

You must follow these instructions and not use the product excessively and more than its recommended use. Further correct usage of products includes applying the cream with clean hand or other methods highlighted in the instructions.


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