Revamp Your Moisturizer Expectations with CHOLLEY

Using a moisturizer in your daily skincare regime is probably second nature to you. You know that you should moisturize your face every day, so you do. But is your moisturizer really doing what you need it to do? And could your products work double-duty for you?

Going Beyond Hydration to Nourishment and Rejuvenation

Many people call it a job well done when their moisturizer diminishes the appearance of dry skin. They may go as far as to switch formulas when the weather changes. But did you know that you can also choose a moisturizer that does more than … well, moisturize?

CHOLLEY’s Swiss Skin Care goes beyond your expectations of hydration. They can also help minimize the appearance of common skin problems. Why settle for a moisturizer when your cream can help minimize the appearance of fine lines or stimulate the skin renewal process?

Founded in 1972, CHOLLEY Swiss Skincare uses their own laboratories and proprietary research to develop the highest quality products on the market. They’re a leader in the field of phyto dermocosmetics with innovative formulas that marry the traditions of the East with the scientific technology of the West.

Going Beyond Hydration to Nourishment and Rejuvenation

Are you eager to find out how to upgrade your moisturizing routine? Try one of these Swiss Skin Creams to maximize your skincare regime:

CHOLLEY Nutrisystéme 24H Cream with Super Hydrating and Nourishing Effects

Some people just don’t want to deal with the hassle of two different moisturizers in their skincare regime. If you fall into that category, CHOLLEY’s Nutrisystéme 24H Cream may be the perfect solution for you. This cream delivers 24-hours of micronutrients and moisture with a matte base for smooth makeup application.

CHOLLEY Ultra Concentrée Cream with Super Anti-Aging Effects

CHOLLEY Creme Ultra Concentree

Aging skin usually means very dry skin because it loses its capacity to hold moisture. This equates to you needing even more hydration and emollient support to slow ageing effects like the formation of wrinkles. This Swiss skin cream can help slow down the appearance of ageing from the weakening of collagen fibres and stimulate new cell growth

CHOLLEY AHA Cream with Ultra Regenerating and Moisturizing Effects

Why stop at hydration when you can use a cream that helps soften and reinforce the skin at the same time? Slow down the ageing clock with this moisturizer. It contains alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidant action to slow down free radical damage to your skin.

Get Ready for CHOLLEY Results

CHOLLEY is a pioneer in the industry with over three decades of proven results for their innovative formulas. They use meticulous scientific research alongside rigorous testing with independent laboratories to ensure immediate and long-lasting results.

You spend a lot of money on the best products for your face, but some of those products may not work as hard as they should. Why throw away money for products that deliver subpar results? Set the bar higher with a company who has a proven and consistent track record.

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