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One Piece In The CHOLLEY Puzzle

BIOREGENE Lait can be used on its own as an everyday cleanser. But it can also be paired with other CHOLLEY products and used as part of your overall skincare routine. Some other products BIOREGENE Lait pairs well with include:

There are many products available on the market for makeup removal and overall skin hygiene. But one CHOLLEY product, BIOREGENE Lait, goes the extra step, purifying, refreshing and rejuvenating skin all whilst providing the deep-cleaning action you would expect from a cleanser.

Everyday Cleanser With Rejuvenating Properties

BIOREGENE Lait acts as an exceptional makeup remover that also doubles as a conditioner for your skin. Filled with some of the finest natural ingredients, BIOREGENE Lait was designed to both cleanse and heal your skin at the same time. Purifying vitamins and minerals are paired in tandem with refreshing moisturisers to create this one of a kind product. When used on your face and neck during a wash, you are left with soft, elastic and rejuvenated skin.

Active Ingredients for Delicate Skins

Though BIOREGENE Lait has been developed for most skin types, it is especially useful for users with dry or delicate skin. All active ingredients in this product have been included to provide the best, most gentle cleansing experience possible. Whilst BIOREGENE Lait provides the best deep-cleaning action possible, no harmful or damaging chemicals have been added. As with all CHOLLEY products, BIOREGENE Lait uses all natural ingredients meant to replenish and heal the skin. In this product, you’ll find:

  • Lavender and mallow extract to soothe, purify and refresh the skin
  • Vitamins A and B5 to restore and condition damaged, aged or sun-soaked skin
  • Vitamins C and E to help with antioxidant action
  • Peanut oil used to improve the elasticity and flexibility of your skin

Additionally, specially formulated ingredients are used to provide the best deep clean possible, eliminating dead cells, dirt and makeup that can build up on your skin over time.

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