Overcome Problems With Oily Skin With CHOLLEY BIOCLEAN Lait

If you have oily skin, you know it can be problematic. It’s not only annoying — it can also lead to other unsightly and embarrassing problems. Some common problems for those who suffer from oily skin include frequent skin outbreaks, pimples, and makeup that ‘sweats’ off your skin. Whilst these problems may seem harmless, the effect it can have on your self-confidence can be detrimental. Luckily, CHOLLEY offers a skin care solution that can help you overcome problems related to oily skin.

Causes of Oily Skin

Oily skin is a fairly common condition, so if you suffer, the first thing you should know is you’re not alone. In fact, everyone has some amount of oil on their skin; it’s produced naturally by our bodies to keep our skin soft and supple. But some people’s bodies produce too much oil, leading to a condition called seborrhea or oily skin.

Though oily skin has many different root causes, it is usually associated with these two generally uncontrollable factors.

  1. Hormones: The hormones in your body fluctuate over time, increasing your androgen levels. Androgen is linked to the amount of oil your body produces. As the number of hormones and androgen in your body rise, so too does the amount of oil.
  2. Genetics: Genetics can also play a factor in the amount of oil your body produces. Because some people are genetically prone to produce more hormones, these genetics and other hereditary factors play a role in the way your skin reacts to the hormone fluctuations over time.
Bioclean Lait Sebo Balance Impure Oily Mixed skins

BIOCLEAN Lait: The Oily Skin Cleansing Solution

Combating the negative side effects of oily skin may seem pointless considering the role hormones and genes play in producing the condition, but there are skin care products that can help ease the effects. CHOLLEY’s BIOCLEAN Lait, a revolutionary cleansing and curative product can help combat the problems associated with oily skin whilst rejuvenating and purifying the skin at the same time. Developed with natural ingredients, BIOCLEAN Lait includes emollient and hydrating factors that soothe and purify your skin. This product will:

  • Calm irritation and redness caused by oily skin through its lavender and chamomile ingredients
  • Condition the skin and normalise the sebum with Vitamins A and B5
  • Tighten diluted pores which can trap skin oils, causing unsightly outbreaks, through the use of horse-chestnut

If you’re looking to refresh and cleanse your oily skin, try BIOCLEAN Lait.

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