Intense Anti-Wrinkle & Anti-Dark Spots Mask

Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Dark Spots Program
Kit Home use – Ref. 700K (5 treatments)
Kit Professional use – Ref. 701K (10 treatments)

CHOLLEY Phyto Program is a truly outstanding Anti-Aging & Whitening treatment, based on selected natural herbs and plants, cultivated by one of the most noble families in the Middle-East.

By using the latest Swiss science technologies in cosmetics, in combination with the extensive clinical tests of European and Swiss dermatologists, this program reaches deep into the dermis to boost the production of new natural collagen and elastin by fibroblast cells.


  • Reducing lines and wrinkles
  • Preventing and diminishing age spots
  • Harmonizing and firming the skin, leaving it glowing


For best results, after a thorough cleansing of the face, neck, and décolleté, apply CHOLLEY Phyto Mask uniformly once or twice a week on these areas.
Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry the skin with a soft towel.


For all skin types.


CHOLLEY Phyto Mask is a natural mix of selected plants with anti-aging and skin whitening properties. It stimulates the capillary circulation in order to increase oxygenation and nutrition of the tissues, for a more robust and vibrant skin.

The gentle exfoliating action of the mask removes dead cells and excess keratin, which leaves the epidermis beautifully smooth and polished.
It also accelerates cellular regeneration that favors a more uniform texture and greater capacity to hold moisture.

CHOLLEY Phyto Mask is delivered in dry powder form for optimal conservation and maximum efficacy at the moment of application. It works in synergy with CHOLLEY Phyto Emulsion.

The combination of the two products provides an Excellent Anti-agingWhitening, Hydrating, and Emollient Program, that is suitable for all skin types.

Professional Phyto Program

10 Treatments

Home Phyto Program

5 Treatments


CHOLLEY Phyto Program is based on a time-honored natural Persian recipe with a fascinating story.

Originating in the Zagros Mountains, this recipe passed from generation to generation as a treatment for fortification and hydration of the skin in that harsh windy climate. Scientific analysis of this extraordinary phenomenon, that began in the late 20th century in Switzerland, led to the development of the CHOLLEY Phyto Program.

This program is a truly outstanding natural Anti-Aging & Whitening treatment that has been perfected to the highest standards of latest Swiss cosmetic sciences.

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