Light Gel Cream with Skin Clearing & Whitening Action

Hydrating and Whitening Gel Cream (SPF 15)
50 ml – Ref. 714V

This precious, avant-garde gel cream is the result of an advanced Swiss research in the field of skin clearing/whitening and sun protection. While refreshingly light and luxurious to the touch, CHOLLEY Clearing Gel Cream is exceptionally rich in active ingredients.


  • Skin clearing and whitening action
  • UV protection (SPF15)
  • Antioxidant against free radicals and environmental pollution
  • Anti-wrinkle and skin smoothing effect
  • Normalizing and soothing action to close dilated pores, soothe the skin and protect against couperose


CHOLLEY Clearing Gel Cream (SPF 15)  is a perfect product for daily use for
1. Whitening the skin
2. Eliminating pigmentation irregularities
3. Protecting against UV radiation
4. Defending against environmental pollution

The synergic action of azelaicmonoamide, zinc sulfate, and ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C) ensures effective and secure skin whitening properties on top of excellent hydrating qualities.

CHOLLEY Clearing Gel-Cream (SPF 15)  is a hi-tech product specially formulated to be light and refreshing. It is perfect for warm and humid climates, and with its antioxidant properties, it is excellent in protecting the skin against harmful influences of the environment.


For all skin types.


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