Highly Concentrate Natural Anti-Cellulite & Draining Ampoules

Anti-Cellulite and Draining Ampoules
10 x7 ml – Ref. 119V

CELLIPEX Silhouette Ampoules  are a highly concentrated 100% natural solution of phyto extracts with intense diuretic, lipolytic, and proteolytic action to help break down fibrous forms of cellulite and reduce swelling and congestion. It gets absorbed instantly and makes your skin more toned, firm, and smooth.


  • Intense diuretic, anti-edema action to reduce swelling and congestion
  • Proteolytic action to help break down the fibrous forms of cellulite
  • Lipolytic action to boost the breakdown of fat
  • Hydrating, firming, and toning action


CELLIPEX Silhouette Ampoules  are an important product in slimming, anti-cellulite, and silhouette-shaping treatments. The product can be used on the entire body, but the primary targets are areas affected by edema (water retention) and excess of fat.

For a very effective slimming and anti-cellulite treatment, use CELLIPEX Silhouette Ampoules  in combination with other CELLIPEX Products.


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