Super Effective Slimming & Draining Gel

Slimming and Draining Gel
200 ml – Ref. 114V

CELLIPEX Gel Marine Minceur  is a highly effective product for the treatment of edematous forms of cellulite, that manifest high levels of water retention. It is rich in escin and ederin, two precious saponins extracted from the seeds of Indian chestnut, and the leaves of arboreal ivy, with a strong anti-edema action. A truly enchanting product with a fresh scent, and a delicious texture that gives an extraordinary boost to the skin.


  • Intense diuretic action to reduce accumulation of water and toxins
  • Lipolytic action to reduce accumulation of fat
  • Reinforces the tissues for a tighter and more compact skin
  • Decongestant, toning, and hydrating actions


For best results, apply CELLIPEX Gel Marine Minceur on very clean skin, preferably after a shower or bath. CELLIPEX Gel Marine Minceur can be used in alternation with CELLIPEX Anti-Cellulite Emulsion.


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